About Me

I'm Lou Hargrove the poetess and creator behind Red Butterfly Publishing (RBP). A business that was birthed from exploring my fascination with love and my passion to write. Either through my work in social services, writing, making jewelry or performance art I have always been driven to inspire women to love and value their own unique beauty inside and out. I believe that once we discover that we are created by a Divine Design we open ourselves up to a world of unlimited possibilities. I want women to experience true passion and beauty in every aspect of their lives, especially that deep undeniable love that we all crave.

It all started with the idea of doing something in media and publishing I created Red Butterfly Publishing years prior to writing my first collection of love poems Passion & Turmoil. Red Butterfly Publishing now includes a second collection of love poems Red Book Chronicles, a collection of stemmed and stemless glassware and much more in the works to aid you in your reading pleasure. 

An attachment to RBP Red Buttafly Designs was born from a beaded book thong that I developed as an accessory for Passion and Turmoil.  From there my love of writing and creativity exploded into an exploration and passion for design. Red Buttafly Designs create and designs products to keep you feeling beautiful and inspired as you express your yourself with customizable waist beads, beaded charm bracelets and other special items that you will see pop up here.

This is a lifestyle brand that brings you a fusion of love, art, culture and fashion.